Thursday, September 25, 2008

Baked Rice

(serves 2)

    My favourite, an "imitation" of Swensen's famous baked rice - easy to cook, filling enough for dinner, everything in 1 casserole, easy to clean up :) The mixed vege and sausages are first steamed as mine are usually taken out from the freezer/fridge, hence the need to cook them.

1/2 cup uncooked rice (washed clean)
2/3 cup water
1/2 small can of Campbell's soup
3/4 ricebowl mixed vegetables
1 large sausage (abt 15cm long, diameter 2.5cm)
2 square slices of cheese

  1. Dice sausage and spread on a small plate.

  2. Cover mixed vege in ricebowl with water.

  3. Place diced sausage and mixed vege in Healsio oven and use STEAM mode for 15mins. Put aside.

  4. Pour soup and water in a glass casserole.

  5. Add rice in casserole and stir to mix.

  6. Place casserole in Healsio oven and use STEAM mode for 30mins.

  7. Remove casserole from oven. Place 1 slice of cheese in the middle of the rice and break up the 2nd slice to cover the rest of the rice.

  8. Spread mixed vege and diced sausage evenly on top of cheese.

  9. Place casserole in Healsio oven and use OVEN mode (w/o preheat) at 200°C for 15mins.

  10. Remove casserole from oven and serve.

- Cooking time (minus preparation): 1hr
- Power Consumption (w/o draining): 2.15kWh

Steamed Rice

(serves 2)

    The most basic recipe. Before this, I was cooking rice using the rice cooker but now I use the Healsio (1 less thing to clean :P).

2/3 cup uncooked rice
4/3 cup water
  1. Rinse rice till rinsing water turns clear.

  2. Put rice in glass casserole and add water.

  3. Place casserole in Healsio oven and use STEAM mode for 30mins.

  4. Remove casserole from oven and serve.

- Cooking time (minus preparation): 30mins
- Power Consumption (w/o draining): 1.2kWh

My measurements

1 tablespoon = 15ml
1 teaspoon = 5ml

1 cup = 240ml
1 ricebowl = 375ml

1 small can (Campbell's soup 310g) = 310ml (approx)
1 big can (Heinz baked beans 420g) = 420ml (approx)

Eggs: The eggs I use are approx. 50g in weight (Size 5 / small)

g vs ml: The density of water is 1 g/ml under normal conditions, so for water, 1g = 1ml. I use the same conversion as a rough gauge for rice and mixed vege after weighing and measuring them.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Sharp Healsio Steam Oven

    Hi, welcome to my Healsio Recipe Blog! My wife saw the Sharp Healsio Steam Oven when we were buying appliances for our new home. It's supposed to be a "Breakthrough in Cooking using just WATER", to use the words of the brochure.

    It's healthier than a microwave oven and less messy than cooking on a gas stove. And since it has so many functions, it has become our sole cooking appliance, with every meal cooked using it. Below are some information about it, taken from the brochure.

    The Healsio's selling point is Superheated Steam, which is ordinary steam (at 100°C) heated up to 300°C under normal pressure. When directed at a piece of paper, steam will just wet it, but superheated steam will cause it to start burning. Also, it's clear and colourless unlike ordinary steam.

    Using this superheated steam, the Healsio oven can cook food in a variety of ways - steam, grill, roast, bake, defrost and reheat - simply by using water, and it's healthier too, as explained below.

Reduces Calories
    When the superheated steam is sprayed onto the food, a massive heat energy 8 times higher than that of a convection oven rapidly reduces the fat content in the food.

Reduces Salt
    When the superheated steam comes into contact with the food, condensation on the food's surface triggers a diffusing action and draws salt out.

Preserved Vitamins
    As the oven's interior compartment becomes filled with superheated steam, it is purged of oxygen and cooks food in a low oxygen density. This reduces the decomposition of easily oxidised nutrients such as vitamin C, thus retaining most of the food's natural nutrients for healthier eating.

Model AX-700V(S) Silver
Power Source 230-240V, 50Hz
Functions Steam, Grill, Roast, Bake,Oven, Proof, Defrost, Reheat
Auto Menus 21 Menus
Power Output Max. Power (Heater) 2300W;
Steam Heater 1000W;
Top Heater 1300W
Water Tank Capacity 0.85L (850ml)
Oven Temperature 100°C - 250°C
Display LCD Display
Oven Capacity 25L
Outside Dimensions
(W x D x H) mm
520 x 490 x 345
Cavity Dimensions
(W x D x H) mm
340 x 310 x 235
Tray Dimensions
(W x D x H) mm
335 x 305 x 20
Net Weight (kg) Approx. 20

Power Consumption:
OVEN - 1.4kW
PROOF - 1.1kW