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Cooking Methods

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Baketo cook food by surrounding it with hot air, usually describes the cooking method for baking products. cook food above hot coals or wood ambers/ashes.
Boilto cook food in a rapidly bubbling liquid, above 100°C or simmering around 80°C.
Braiseto cook food submerged in a liquid, usually flavoured and then slow cooked in the oven.
CasseroleCooking food slowly to tenderise meat and vegetables and stew and to intensify flavour. Casseroles are cooked in the oven and stews are cooked on top of the oven on the stove.
Deep-fryto submerge food in hot oil between 175/190°C, depending on the thickness of the food.
Grillto cook food below a heated element, usually having to turn the food while cooking.
Pan frycooking food in a frying pan on both sides with or without a small amount of oil. i.e. a fatty piece of meat will pan fry in a non-stick pan without oil.
Poachto submerge food in a hot liquid, usually around 70/80°C.
Roastto cook food in a hot oven, surrounding by dry heat.
Sautéa French term, as for pan-fry but with hot oil and a good amount of movement.
Shallow Fryto cook food in a layer of hot oil, usually in a frying pan, not submerged- therefore having to turn over the food to cook on both sides.
Steamcooking food in a holed container above boiling water, but not with the water touching the food as the water produces a steam, which rises up to moistly cook the food.
Stir-Fryto cook usually thin strips of food in a hot pan with hot oil, moving around quickly and cooking rapidly on a high flame.
Toastto brown lightly on both sides, under a grill or in a toaster.
Wok Frysame as for stir-fry only using a Chinese wok. Woks cause an intense heat in the centre, so stir frequently on a high flame. Sometimes 1/2 way through the process liquid is added to create a steam to soften and flavour the ingredients.

Many have asked what is the difference between baking and roasting. Well, they seem essentially the same, just that "bake" is used on bread, cakes and other baking products, whereas "roast" is used for meat. Eg: Baked bread, not roast bread. Roast duck, not baked duck.

One would notice that the Healsio oven does not have a "Frying" mode. I read somewhere that an alternative to frying is baking at a high temperature. So for recipes that call for frying, I will probably use the OVEN mode at the highest temperature setting, which is 250°C.

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